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Pan Sat 2500A Receiver

Free to Air Satellite Receiver.


Sima CT-2 Copy Master

Easy and legal way to copy DVDs.


RX-II Video Stabilizer

Legal and easy way to copy VHS tapes.


Keystroke Recorder 64K

Records over 65,000 keystrokes!


Keystroke Recorder 128K

Records over 128,000 keystrokes. 


Coleman Cold Heat

Perfect, compact soldering iron.


Triplett 3 1/2 DMM

1" Display. DC 1000V/10A. AC 750V/10A.


Triplett 1101A

500V AC/DC, 10A AC/DC, 3 1/2 Digit, 1999 Max Read


Triplett 2025 Pocket DMM

Manual ranging pocket-sized DMM.



Power Sentry 7 Prong Surge Stick

2 Adapter, 1 Coax, 1 RJ11 Connectors


Sima Color Corrector

Legal way to copy DVDs.


Video Color Corrector

Restores video signals, great for restoration.


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