PanSat 2500A Free-to-Air Satellite Receiver

Free to Air Satellite receivers work in the same way an Aerial Antenna works in your house or apartment.

The PanSat Receiver picks up NON-scrambled programming with a satellite antenna.

This product is NOT a descrambler!

It does not, nor will it, pick up HBO, Showtime or other premium network stations.


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1 (818) 768-5161

For channel listings and questions, please refer to:

  • Easy Installation!
  • Beep Sound on Signal Strength
  • Mode Manual PID Scan/Satellite & TP Scan / Network Scan
  • Satellite Scan - Simultaneous Scan with 4 Satellites
    SIG key for quick signal check
  •  DiSEgC 1.3 Control Compatible (STAB USALS) UHF Ready for 2nd Room (Optional) IR Extension Ready (Optional)
  •  Skew Control
    Excellent Performance:
    Powerful CH Search (More CH)
  •  Fast Channel Change
  • 3000 Channels, 60 Satellite
  •  Programmable S-Video Output
  • Timer Function Digital Audio Output (SPDIF)


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Additional accessories:

Satellite Dish - $99.95
Diseqc Switch - $20.00
<<Allows 4 LNBs to connect to one receiver>>

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